Dating a native american

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As the discipline of modern archaeology continues to grow, researchers are slowly beginning to come to an understanding of the pivotal importance of Peru in the story of mankind.Today, much of the world's food supply (corn, potatoes, beans, tomatoes, sunflowers) owes its origins to the uniquely gifted farmers of ancient Andean civilizations.

On some panflutes, the tubes are open-ended, and on others, they are stopped.Variations in the construction of these instruments are many.The Siku is thought to have originated in Peru, most closely associated with the Aymara speaking peoples who live around Lake Titicaca.It is conjectured that they were used in hunting, courting and war.Amongst the Chippewa, there is a story of a flutist helping a hunchbacked figure with an insect-like face (remarkably similar to Kokopelli of the Southwest).

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