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Most are open to sharing it if they have any interest in you at all and some share this info openly on their profile pages.

Of course the more accepted model is to chat up a lady for a few hours or even a few days and then asking her to meet you for a date. Even most Filipinas with money are happy to meet at an average restaurant or a mall for a movie that is quite cheap (in comparison with what you’d pay in the US).

There are countless websites where you can meet Filipino women including Pina Love, Filipino Cupid, Badoo, OK Cupid, Date in Asia, and more. The women on Pina Love and Filipino Cupid seem to be among the most serious and the least likely to play games for whatever reason.

Oddly enough cutting ties can be the most difficult thing to do.

If a woman falls for you and joins you in bed it can be hard to get rid of her which is one reason I often go the paid route rather than the sometimes cheaper dating way.

I don’t like breaking hearts and I really don’t like being stalked.

Being up front and open is one way to get around this but it frankly isn’t as successful.

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