Black and italian dating

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Even the African- Italian men there repeatedly told me that they could tell I was not italian.

I also have features more keen to Ethiopia, whereas most of the Africans living in Italy are from Morocco, Senegal, Nigeria, and Ghana. I hope this blog is hopeful for all you reading the crazy comments you hear on the net regarding the swirl in Italy .

American girls are used to girl-boy friendships, (a concept that is unknown to the Italian men) and with this, are a lot easier to approach. If there has been some exposure to the culture, or the people, then the chances are greater.

So naturally, Italian men will approach you very often. In Europe, or Italy rather, there are less prejudice mindsets when it comes to dating.

If you’re beautiful then you’re still beautiful there.

In America, if you’re pretty, you’d be “pretty for a black girl”, as people like to say.

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But you certainly shouldn’t feel like being there will turn you from a pumpkin into a horse-drawn carriage.

Probably the funniest I’ve read was a site, dedicated to black women traveling to Italy, almost guaranteeing that these hopeless romantics would find the man of their dreams there.

After reading up on it on google, you would think that flying to Italy would magically turn you from broke Cinderella into Beyonce!

The funny thing is, talking to Italian men, they seem to know nothing about this overly glamorized Italian men-black women myth. The Difference I hate to say it, but there is definitely a difference between the African women born in Italy and the African-American women from the states.

Italians simply can appreciate all types of beauty. We have a different culture, we carry ourselves differently. E: no MAC, no Remi, no Peruvian, no Brazilian, no 1B/2B, etc.) Most of the African women I encountered where rocking the natural fro, or had ethnic braids in.

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