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It is not possible to backdate a claim any further than these periods.In order for a request for backdating to be considered there must be what is called 'good cause' and the council must be satisfied with the reasons you have given for not claiming benefit / reduction at the appropriate time.For example, if parties clearly reach an agreement on Dec.31, 2009, but do not execute a contract formalizing their agreement until Jan.3, 2010, the contract may be dated as of Dec. This is simply the accurate memorialization of a past event, something that is essential to legal practice.The maximum period a Housing Benefit claim can be backdated for working age customers is one month from the date you request it.

Part IIIA of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (the Act) is a key component of the regulatory framework supporting the development of a competitive environment in markets associated with the operation of certain infrastructure facilities.

Examples of 'good cause' are: If you wish to make a claim for backdated benefit / reduction you need to: Complete the backdated claims section of the application form and tell us why you wish to claim backdated benefit / reduction, the date you want to claim from and your reasons for not applying at the time.

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Moreover, because it avoids legal language wherever possible there may be generalisations about the application of the Act.

Some of the provisions referred to have exceptions or important qualifications.

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