Automatic updating charts in excel 2016

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After clicking this button, Excel shows a new user interface element called a gallery, with a number of formatting choices for your table, see figure 3: Figure 3: Table format gallery. After clicking one of the formats, Excel will ask you what range of cells you want to convert to a table (see figure 4).

If your table contains a heading row, make sure the checkbox is checked. Figure 4: Dialog asking what range of cells has to be converted to a table.

Select the cells that contain the data: Figure 1: Select the table area Next, on the Home tab of the ribbon, find the group called "Styles".

Click on the button that says "Format as Table" (see figure 2): Figure 2: "Format as Table" button on the Styles group of the Home tab.

Figure 7: selecting an entire column of data within your table You can also select the entire data area or the entire table by clicking near the table’s top-left corner (the mousepointer changes to a south-east pointing arrow, see figure 8).

Figure 8: selecting all data within your table or the whole table is just one or two clicks away. Figure 9: Table header names on Excel’s column header when scrolling If you type anything next to a table, Excel assumes you want to expand the table and automatically increases the table size to include your new entry.

If you add rows to your table, any object that uses your table’s data will automatically include the new data.

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If your table is a sharepoint list, this button enables you to open a browser window with that list.This group (shown in figure 14) is all about the source data of a table and only applies if the data in the table has been imported into Excel using a database- or webquery or a sharepoint list.Figure 14: External Table Data group on the Table Tools tab of the ribbon This group has 5 buttons: This is in fact a combobutton.Of course you still have to refresh the Pivot table to see the results.Another new feature which has been added to Excel 2007.

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