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“I have a psychological diagnosis from a psychologist.People have been saying to me ‘maybe you are a Nazi if you are sticking up for him’." Adam says the name of the Asperger’s condition should be changed for the “protection” of the community.There exist several national AS organizations with local chapters that might be able to help.There is an organization based in Boston called Asperger's Association of New England [org] that runs support groups for adults with AS all throughout New England.A current sampling of topics on Wrong Planet at this writing are topics such as childhood fears, Asperger's resources in San Francisco, problems talking on the phone, crying in public, depression, feeling like an outcast, and whether or not tell your manager at work that you have AS.Online discussion groups can give you practical advice and emotional support, and occasionally you even find someone who lives in your area who can become a friend offline as well as online.Here are two web sites that I often recommend if you are trying to find therapists, support groups, counselors or schools in your area.Each of these two sites is somewhat different but each can be very useful. Many Aspie teens find it an enormous relief to be with other Aspies and find that they can make friends and be social for the first time.

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Asperger's Syndrome, marked by an impaired ability to interact socially with others, tends to affect people of average or above average intelligence.

READ MORE: Graphic content: Woman fears she will be scarred for life after weave was sewn in too tightly The referral came after Adam, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, says he was bullied by other pupils.

“It was really difficult at the time, I didn’t fit in and a lot of people started saying ‘he is weird and different’," he added.

Adam said: “People have been suggesting on social media the whole condition could be false and it was a cover-up for his Nazi background.

“I have engaged in conversation with people who have been saying the condition is not even real and those diagnosed are making it up to get attention.

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