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The chances that she knows what triggers neurotic 30-something female journalists in America are not that high.

It is likely that by wearing a jewel depicting a Black aristocrat, she thought she was, in a very clueless way, welcoming her new relative into the fold.[QUOTE]It would be easier to look the other way if the princess didn't have history of racism—but she unfortunately does.

In 2004, she reportedly told a group of black customers in a West Village, NYC restaurant to "go back to the colonies" after she complained that they were being noisy.

From her father's Wikipedia entry:[quote]Günther Hubertus von Reibnitz (8 September 1894 – 2 March 1983) was a cavalry officer of the German Empire during the First World War. We called her "The Princess for Rent."She knew what she what she was doing. It was in bad taste and certainly others could have pointed out to her that her intent in wearing it was questionable and would be questioned.

The author of that article better never go to Miami then.

Blackamoor jewelry is beloved of older Cuban women,something to do with guarding against the evil eye or whatnot.

She would have too much respect for the Queen, as well as Meghan. Most live in "subsidized housing." They make some money on book sales and TV appearances.

This is must more pandering to morons by the part of the British press who hate the royals with a passion. They "dine out" seven nights a week on their status, but have no real jobs and less allowance from the gov't.

But to wear it at all—especially at an event where a celebrated biracial duchess-to-be would attend—is simply inappropriate. [quote]Some might argue that European renditions of blackamoor art depicted black figures as noblemen, but they still exoticize people of color and are considered dated It's one of those stories that only SJW poseurs get outraged about once you get to know the full details.

Princess Michael stays with people all over the world who think it glam to have her at their dinner parties.

She appears at Fundraisers like "Save Venice" because rich Americans know that they will get their pictures with her in TOWN & COUNTRY.

Is she just a miserable asshole or is she one of those "I can has trolling is hilarious for the lulz" types who immediately gets wounded when you threaten to punch her teeth down her throat "because it was only a bit of fun". Her cousin isn’t even THE Duke of Kent, he’s a cadet line and doesn’t even get a state salary.

After Charles succeeds HM people like the Kents won’t matter at all.

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