An error occurred while updating the firmware

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The new firmware update programs for the Nexstar are a pain compared to the old ones, but they do work with the right adapter. Ordered a plain , simple usb/serial adapter yesterday off Ebay which I'm hoping to receive later today and will post my findings..

The only other conceivable failure during upgrading is power but it doesn't sound like that is what you have run into. If that doesn't work, ill just have to bite the bullet and buy the Celestron cable.

At that point I could still use the handset to control the mount, but then I tried to update the HC with latest firmware and that too after taking ages to get to a few % failed with the same error as above.

I have now tried everything..I mean almost everything conceivable using my 25 years in IT experience, googling the issue at no avail.

While you can use a Meade DSI as a guide camera, I've found it to be more trouble than it's worth. I haven't used the Celestron cable, but if you buy it you have the added benefit of having Celestron to lean on if it doesn't work.

I've had very good experience with PHD and Orion's guide camera on a CGEM DX Hypertuned by Ed Thomas (Thanks, Ed! Are you connecting the Syn Guider directly to the mount via the autoguider port or are you trying to go through the handset with a serial cable? -Steve "The serial to USB converter is usually the killer.

I truly have wracked my brain and tried all reasonable , logical suggestions I have come across, including these posts , bar buying a new serial to usb cable The serial to USB converter is usually the killer.

That way you need to "Move up" the Network adapter after each deployment.

In this blogpost I describe how to edit the bootstore and remove the EFI files. At the moment it's not clear to me is this' a bug, or choosen by default?

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