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Knees are also prone to arthritis, particularly in adults with a wobbly gait who dont use crutches.

Lots of back-and-forth and side-to-side motion is very hard on the knees.

Success generally depends on a consistent diet, regular exercise and timed evacuation.

Doctors are not yet sure about the effects of chronic enemas, rectal bulbs and similar practices, so affected areas need to be checked regularly. Merkens raised the issue of megacolon, which refers to the bowel becoming larger from regularly holding large amounts of stool.

If a pediatric, orthopedic or urology exam shows changes that suggest tethering, the next step is to get an MRI of the entire neurological system, to check for tethering, spinal syrinx and shunt failure.

If the results are inconclusive, a pressure check of the shunt may be necessary.

Spinal cord tethering can occur for the first time at any age, although its more likely to occur if there has been a previous tethering and detethering, which may have created scarring.

Tethering usually presents the same signs and symptoms in adults as in children: basically anything that changes below the level of the spina bifidathe level of the spine where the defect occurred.

Chiari brain stem compression is likely to cause sleep apnea or loss of respiratory drive. But neurosurgeons say that when youre starting to think about chiari brain stem compression, its a good idea to also check the shunt.The symptoms of shunt failure in adults are usually the same as those in children. Merkens describes the symptoms as follows: The symptoms of shunt failure may creep on you.Your thinking may be slower, you may be less facile with words, more hesitant in general and a little clumsier on your feet.According to a 10-year-old German study, over 50 percent of adults may have poorly fitting, poorly functioning braces.Premature arthritis is often a problem for adults with spina bifida, especially for those who use their shoulders to ambulate.

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