Acholics dating custody

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If you feel so inclined, you may allow the alcoholic/addict parent to come up with their own proposal and possibly come to a mutual agreement and understanding.

However, I caution you that staying clean and sober while in custody of the children's needs should never be compromised.

For example, a few social drinks at a family birthday party are not part of the agreement.

Regardless of how the contract shakes out between the two of you, the important factor here is that there is a solid commitment and understanding in writing.

They may feel it is unfair to be on such a short leash, but as trust and dependability is restored, you can always extend the length of that leash.

I'm certain we are both desirous of raising happy, healthy children, where we can both participate in their lives, so I propose the following:1) I will have the children 3 days a week unencumbered and you will have them 3 days a week.

On the 7th day, we will use best efforts to share the company of our children jointly.

However, if the die is cast, then so be it, but the children involved in this scenario are innocent to the situation and still have two parents that hopefully want to be a participant in their lives.

Rarely have I known a father or mother to abandon their children in order to live a life of substance abuse, but I did have a client who shared that her ex-husband would rather live in a box; virtually homeless and drink each day than have any contact with his children. So, what are the options for the parent that has primary custody for the child/children and the other parent who is trying to either work a clean and sober program or vows only to drink on days where he or she has no involvement with the children has?

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