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Tour de Cure is a unique opportunity for businesses, clubs, friends and families to form teams with the vision of a life free of diabetes and all its burdens.

When it comes to music, there's no objective right or wrong, good or bad – but that never stops passionate music fans from sharing and defending their favorites.

This technology can be used for many different knee problems such as bone spurs, cysts or flattening of the joint. They are using additive manufacturing in order to create custom wax molds, allowing to make these implants using femoral and tibial components. In the upcoming years, the 3D printing material used for knee replacement could be a bioprinted material, enabling the growth of cells and a fast and natural healing process.

These future 3D printers will certainly be able to print really accurate knees that fit exactly the unique anatomy of the patient and that enable the development of stem cells.

Informal studies show that at least 20-30% of children diagnosed with autism also test positive for Lyme Disease.

Clinicians are reporting numbers ranging from 20% all the way to 90%.

3D printing really allows to create knee prostheses that can replace the mechanical properties of a real knee.

From 3D printed implants to bioprinting everything is becoming possible.

Even just for knee surgery, we can see that 3D printing can be used of several manners .

Patients knees could be soon entirely 3D printed thanks to this new way to operate knee surgery.

We can see everyday that the applications of 3D printing are more and more diverse.

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