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I guess the TL; DR version is, this seems like a comment you'd make privately to a circle of friends who are all on the same level of humor as you, not a public place.It invalidates people that actually do have legit disabilities by fueling stereotypes of all overweight folks.Ive never had a problem eating healthy and losing weight but Ive gained like 35-45 pounds its hell if i was in the situation where i had no life and could just focus on exercise then ya i think i could pull it off.but i don't, i have other things to attend to as well as trying to stay in shape.I did a lot of dumb things that absolutely deserved to be ripped on because i never took responsibility for myself until like high school.

The determination to show those bellends and trolls that you can achieve anything, the result proved it correct :p On either case, if you get trolled or bullied, people either sway to lose weight for a longer life, or eat themselves to death for comfort. Really, it boils down to one thing: you can make of you want the circumstances of your life and do your best with them, or you can let yourself languish and fall short of your potential. cause if not you have no idea, i have had it for a year and its completely ruined my life, and i'm still trying to get sorted out.

Yes its no excuse, but picture everyday feeling like you have only slept a couple hours your mind is constantly clouded its like your half drunk, every single day....

then try to exercise and eat healthy everyday, and it being about half as effective as it would normally be.

Like idk as someone who's been struggling the past few years to make better choices in their life, it always hurts to see fat jokes constantly popping up even on something like this if that makes sense? I know he's not personally attacking the commissioner or character in the comic, I'm not mad at them or you or anyone here or feel attacked or anything like that.

I just wanted to add my two cents as I found it a little distasteful personally. It was very much in that vein of trolling, so it's going to be polarizing.

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