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We've decided this quirky behavior isn't a big deal for such an easy and useful upgrade.Crimper The most indispensible wiring tool, it cuts wire, strips insulation, and crimps connectors.

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A hundred bucks—the price of our wireless kit from Peak Automotive—buys a good balance of quality and easy installation. The hard part was opening the plastic clamshell package.

Since video is transmitted wirelessly, we didn't have to run a signal wire through the cabin to the dashboard.

Inside the mirror housing are the video signal receiver, a 640 x 480—pixel monitor hidden behind a one-way mirror, and a few control buttons to adjust the picture.

We chose the latter and tied into the fuse box with a splice to the radio circuit, which comes on with the ignition.

Use a test light and your ignition key to find a circuit that makes sense for your car. We were impressed by how quickly the monitor and the camera start up when the car is turned on and shifted into reverse, especially for a 0 piece of tech.

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